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Review of Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Perfume

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan is a very popular perfume that has been getting rave reviews since its launch in 1994. It is a scent that is very soft and sensual and it is perfect for the woman who wants to feel as if she has just been wrapped in the softest of fabrics. This article will give a quick review on the popular fragrance, Cashmere Mist.
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist is one of the leading selling perfumes in the United States. It has claimed the top spot because it offers a unique fragrance that is widely loved. The reason behind this is that it will have the woman feeling as if she is being covered by some of the softest Cashmere available anywhere.
Cashmere Mist is a perfume that is a mixture of Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Musk, Jasmine Maroc, Suede Notes, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Ylang, Amber, Orris, Patchouli and Vanilla. These are combined together to make a scent that is truly magnificent, sophisticated and subtle. It also gives the fragrance a touch of femininity that is pronounced in fragrances produced by Donna Karan.
At first spray, the fragrance will come off as being very light, airy and woody. This is all a result of the combination of the different base notes. Despite some sweet ingredients, the perfume never comes off smelling that way. It has more of a light and powdery feel to it. People often describe it as being touched by a soft and fine fabric, while at the same time giving off that essence of wanting to snuggle. This is a good description of the perfume as it is very close to its name.
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist is a perfume that is very compelling. People who smell this scent will be drawn to its powdery and clean overtones, while at the same time make them want to cuddle with the wearer. The fragrance does not have an overpowering scent and it really adds to a woman's femininity, while at the same time giving her a sense of sophistication.
It is said that this perfume is perfect for the colder months such as fall and winter. The softness of the fragrance blends better with the temperature of those times. It can be worn on a hot summer months, but it won't have the same effect. The Eau De Parfum is extremely strong and small applications to various parts of the body can have a fragrance lasting throughout the day.
In closing, Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan is a fragrance that every woman should have in their perfume collection. It is a light, powdery, crisp and fresh floral scent that is bound to have everyone drawn to it. It is not overly sweet and it is perfect for people who do not want an overbearing scent. This perfume is perfect for women who want something light to throw on, while at the same time giving them an increase in their confidence. Any woman who buys this fragrance will not be disappointed as it is one of the best and it truly stands out from the rest.
If you would like to buy Cashmere Mist products, please visit the website. Akbar Williams has a blog solely dedicated to Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan. Please visit it if you want more information on this delightful and very popular perfume.
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Create Remarkable Decor Patterns With Moroccan Furniture, Lanterns, and Bedding

When it comes to decorating the home or office, everyone wants the decor to be stylish, inviting, and intriguing for all who see it. With Moroccan style furniture, you can accomplish all three. Moroccan furniture, lanterns, and bedding are hot items within the decorating market today. Why? Moroccan styles reflect unique African culture with brilliant colors and patterns that are exquisite to say the least. As a bonus, Moroccan furniture, bedding pieces, and lanterns can be found in almost any price range if you do a little shopping around.
When you decorate your home with Moroccan style fixtures, you are indeed making a statement. Your home will have an elegant touch without losing its personality. Moroccan furnishings speak volumes to express the mood you are trying to inhibit for your guests. This style of furniture also provides a sturdiness and durability that many long for in their home or office furniture. The pieces are strong and thick, and can endure years of use without showing wear and tear.
Moroccan Colors and Patterns
One feature of Moroccan lanterns and furniture is the multitude of brilliant colors and patterns available. The colors are exotic, but comfortable. Moroccan craftsmen design their products in colors that reflect their natural surroundings. They use a variety of colors such as orange, brown, red, purple, and green. The colors and patterns are used to create a dramatic affect along with wood, leather, wool, and silk. Common patterns you might see are swirling designs, flowers, and shapes all creatively knitted or carved into one piece of furniture or one lantern or bedspread.
Moroccan Lanterns and Other Essentials
To complete any Moroccan-style room, Moroccan lanterns and other decor items are needful. Moroccan lanterns hang beautifully from the ceiling and usually feature wrought iron frames with artistic stained glass sections in a variety of colors and patterns. Probably one of the most well known lanterns is the Djamae lantern, which is the oldest type in Moroccan design history. It has a rustic look and a semi-oval shape with stain glass in amber, blue, green, and clear glass. Other Moroccan lantern styles include Blue Samaka, Anelka, Alwan, Maroc, Moroccan Chandelier, and Dareh.
To really achieve the Moroccan look and feel in your home or office, add other items to your decor such as Moroccan tables and chairs, stools, rugs, ceramics, mirrors, ceiling tiles, and doors.
You might also want to decorate a foyer or hallway with beautiful Moroccan floor tiles. The tiles come in a variety of patterns and can be used to accent certain areas of your home or office. Floor tiles are available in packages ranging from one tile to six at various price ranges. Floor tiles look gorgeous in rooms where there's not a lot of furniture, such as the bedroom with Moroccan furniture. A simple, yet elegant, way to decorate your bedroom is to install Moroccan floor tiles and include your bed with Moroccan bedding and pillows, a simple night stand or two, an armoire, a table lamp, a room divider, and a couple of wall sconces for soft lighting. Add a nice painting or two for wall decor, and you've got an eye-catching room where you can retire at night that's not too busy!
Whether it's simplicity you want or a more exotic look and feel, Moroccan furniture and decor accessories can help you accomplish either style. There are no set rules for going "Moroccan" - only use your imagination!
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.Learn more about Moroccan decor or Majon's Home Furnishings directory.
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What Does Your Brand Smell Like

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the smell of freshly baked bread – what does that wonderful warm smell remind you of? Perhaps it takes you back in time to your childhood, to Sunday mornings when you used to walk down to the corner bakery to buy a fresh loaf dusted with flour.
In the same way that an everyday aroma can instantly take us to another place and time in our minds and remind us of people and places, so too is it possible to associate your brand with an aroma in the minds of your customers and clients.
Aromas have the ability to build powerful brand recognition, quickly. In his book, Brand Sense, Martin Lindstroem says, ‘Seventy-five percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell…Next to sight, it's the most important sense we have’.
Dr Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Washington State University, ran a test in a clothing store in the Pacific Northwest of the US to determine how scent affected customers by gender. He diffused the subtle smell of vanilla in the women's department and rose maroc (a spicy, honey-like fragrance) in the men's. When he examined the cash-register tapes, he found that receipts almost doubled on the days when the scents were used. However, when he reversed the scents (diffusing vanilla with the men and rose maroc with the women) customers spent less than average. ‘You can't just use a pleasant scent and expect it to work,’ he says, ‘it has to be congruent’. That is, the fragrance has to make sense with the product or environment it's supposed to enhance: ‘When you go into Starbucks, you don't expect to smell lemon-scented Pledge’.
Whether your company operates retail stores, hotels or corporate offices aromatic branding can give you the edge. Here’s how aromatic branding works:
• Our sense of smell is our most acute sense. We take in more information, more quickly and retain it for longer through smell than we do through any other sense.
• Our sense of smell interacts with the limbic system in the brain, where memories are linked to aromas. We’ve all had the experience of smelling an aroma that instantly transports us to another time and place because we associate it so strongly with a certain person, time or experience.
• The deliberate use of aroma is the final frontier in creating a truly unique and memorable brand experience.
• Aromatic branding is about creating a unique aroma that people associate with their experience of your brand – effectively, it anchors a certain aroma to the brand experience so that every time a person smells that aroma, they will be instantly reminded of their experience.
• Most companies already use sight, sound and touch to create an integrated brand experience, but few use smell. This is an opportunity for your company to be at the forefront of aromatic branding.
Jennifer Jefferies International (JJI) is already working with leading brands to create a unique aromatic brand association for their customers. Among them are Palazzo Versace and Sofitel Hotel at the Gold Coast, for which JJI developed a unique ‘signature’ scent that captures the ‘essence’ of the hotels experience. The hotel uses its signature scent throughout both public spaces and individual rooms to anchor its guests’ experience and memories of their stay with that particular aroma. This scent is available exclusively to the hotel, and through it, to its guests.
For GU Health, JJI created a Workplace Wellbeing blend. This blend was designed to create an environment that increased productivity and performance and at the same time reduced burnout.
Life Balancing expert Jennifer Jefferies is one of Australia’s best-known authors and speakers and she has a prescription for modern living. Her powerful message is of work, life and balance – and how to have it all through 7 Steps to Sanity®.
Jennifer is a qualified health practitioner who speaks to corporations throughout Australia, Asia, USA and New Zealand, sharing practical real-life strategies that help people to improve their health, wellbeing and productivity by finding balance in their lives. Jennifer is a refreshingly downto-earth, engaging and informative speaker who leaves her audiences feeling empowerd about the things they can do to achieve balance in their lives, rather than feeling guilty about what they’re not doing!
Jennifer is the author of 7 Steps to Sanity® and seven other health-related titles.
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